Mixed digital asset, document, social media, and portfolio applications give a richer, more comprehensive, picture of a candidate

It can be easy and short-sighted to overlook a fantastic candidate on the basis of a single artifact or piece of content

This is why recruiters, Adobe products, Microsoft Word, LinkedIn, GitHub, Codepen, and professional websites occupy important sometimes overlapping sometimes unique niches within the talent, HR, and recruitment industry


Microsoft Word is universal and already used by most business for internal business documentation

Adobe products offer ways to show off creativity with advanced interface, security, and design options - Adobe Reader (still free since 1993)

Reviewing portfolios like GitHub (everything), Stack Overflow (how knowledgeable/helpful), Codepen (frontend/interface), Dribble (design), and professional websites gives a clear representation of what a candidate can do or has already done

Reputable recruiting companies like Modis, Robert Half, Wade&Wendy (a cool AI company), Hired, Underdog.io, and TEKsystems can help to explain context, improve an applicant's submission package, improve business outcomes, hunt out talent, and present opportunities

Traditional resumes along with LinkedIn provide a richer understanding of who a candidate actually is - LinkedIn provides endorsements, provides metrics, and demonstrates actual business social networks a candidate belongs to

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