A lot of people are worried about the future economy and primarily about automation

I'd like to take a moment to make three remarks on why I think that's a good sentiment to have but, importantly, why I think optimism should prevail

Human Augmentation and Sustainable Income

Automation will replace many jobs

However, two new industries will ease this transition: (1) augmentation industries like nootropics or kernel.co will enhance human abilities - thus, far it's just been humans at a stagnant level (punctuated only by the Flynn effect and longer hours of work) and (2) businesses that make it their goal to secure permanent income for people in return taking an equity stake or percentage of the yield

I've talked a little bit about (1) and will focus on (2) here

A few nascent concepts or organizations exist to provide (2) - 401K financial vehicles, venture capital firms, recruiting or talent firms, etc. What I envision is something more radical - firms that find unemployed truckers, for example, assemble a fleet of driver-less robot trucks for them so that they can launch their own automated trucking company in addition to those other kinds of pre-existing passive, continuous, income services

Companies would seek out and train-up people in order to build a sustainable and unending source of income. Possibly via automation, consider sentient money like intelligent automated blockchain wallets that transact profitably and autonomously - or via augmentation, by duplicating the knowledge and talent of those savvy in such fields and bringing it to the masses (like they have done with downloadable learning with mice and mazes - see this), etc.

My point is that there's certainly cause for fear but there's certainly more room for optimism

Also, a single house-sized asteroid is worth $20 Trillion at today's prices

Everyone a Capitalist

Engineers, programmers, and design work (which will see the convergence of UI, interface, holograms, and Auto-Cad work) will likely make-up the most common kinds of careers around

There'll also probably be a factory in every home - like most distinctions and divisions, the old debate between laborer and factory owner will soon fall away and everyone will have a 3D printer in their house- everyone will be a factory owner

Community-Based Crytocurrency Gift Economies

A lot of cities have their own local currencies

A whole country tried a cryptocurrency

A gift economy hasn't been tried yet on a national level nor in cryptocurrencies - to some extent, a gift or even a favor is really more valuable than money as long as it can be reliably counted upon

Artificial floors can also be tried to ensure that any currency or digital unit of account could be transacted into dollars - thus, by leveraging leverage, a small amount of value can create an order of value more - a derivative source of value that would also be valuable in its own right