Previously, I discussed several crosswinds intersecting the augmentation v. automation debate - I'd like to go into greater detail about pharmaceutical augmentation with this post


So-called nootropics (pronunciation: here) are drugs or supplements designed to enhance and not just repair or fix brain activity and functioning

The term originally designated several highly experimental drug concoctions that are of highly dubious or even deleterious value

In recent years, other organic and/or herbal supplements have gained increasing medical support and verification

For example, the purported benefits of Ginkgo Biloba are probably slight or negligible but positive:

Minimal Effect of Ginkgo Biloba

While the significant health effects of Turmeric (Cumin) are well established:



Be very prudent about which nootropics you take, read what other people have to say (there's a sizeable, health-positive, sub-culture that has grown up around this - for example: here), and do your research - refer to reputable medical and scientific outlets to find the data - be wary of dangerous or misleading products

Please be careful to note that some supplements that are usually awesome can have negative effects when you have certain health conditions - be careful to ask experts, consult members of the nootropic community, and review the medical/scientific literature

Personal Experiences

I've had great experiences with Zhou Nutrition products which are mostly mixes of 100% tried and true herbal supplements - Amazon carries several with lots of verified reviews

I personally take Fish Liver Oil, Turmeric, Vitamin, Caffeine, and various Zhou Nutrition supplements

As a result, I've felt more focused, energetic, and up-beat with higher quality work - some of the effects are immediate others are only noticeable over significant periods of time and involve less phenomenally active improvements like generally more positive feelings of well-being or mood as opposed to noticeable focus

Caffeine and Nicotine (which is distinct and separate from Tobacco - leaves which are grown, injected, and fertilized with carcinogenic chemicals and which are carcinogenic predominantly due to the fact that they are burned then inhaled - though very addictive) represent two of the most popular and most positively impactful nootropics (when used carefully in moderation)

Turmeric is also fantastic as is Fish Liver Oil

Proper quantities of vitamin supplements also count