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A module and package manager for Node


Basic Commands

Create a Node Project

You can create a parent directory and root

mkdir -p folder/subfolder

or you can create just the root

mkdir folder

Then create a package.json (follow the instructions)

npm init

Add a Node Module to package.json

Find a module on NPM

Then add to package.json

(where NODE_MODULE is your selected module)

npm install NODE_MODULE --save

Clean Out Node Modules

Delete the local module repository

Clean out the cache

rm -rf node_modules
npm cache clean

Install the Dependencies

Use this to install the dependencies per package.json

npm install

Install only the production dependencies (no dev)

npm install --production

Remove Unneeded Local Modules

Wipe out unused local modules

npm prune

Start the Node Server

Look in your package.json

Find the field main - you should find the main server script

(where SERVER_SCRIPT is your main script - usually index.js)


Or look at scripts and execute the relevant script

(where SERVER_SCRIPT is your selected script - usually start)