Tentative proposal

Flying Cars

Google has announced its ambitious flying car projects

Flight, per person, represents a cost-effect alternative to traditional land-based automotive transportation both in terms of price and in terms of energy consumption

Air-based travel represents an opportunity, given range of height/volume (rather than just geography and area) to optimize transportation

Side-note: watch parachute companies - two per vehicle would be recommended

Automated flight-based navigation and piloting assistance is probably easier to produce than city-based driving navigation and already exists in many forms

Solar Powered Flight

Solar powered flight has been demonstrated

Solar powered flight could, in theory, enable perpetual transportation

Solar Powered Capture

Due to chassis size limitations, some kind of logistics and energy recovery platform must be supplied

Advanced Topologies

Using sophisticated, alternative, topologies - solar capture can be increased by orders of magnitude by exploiting height and volume rather than flat topologies exhibited on the terrestrial firmament

Key Proposal

Large, perpetually flying, solar capture stations could be assembled, exploiting volume and height in order to ensure maximal energy storage and capture

They do not need to use large steel structures - advanced carbon spindles, polymer, and nanotechnologies could be created or used in order to create highly efficient, stable, skeletal structures


Public transportation and ride-sharing would be easier to incentivize

Mobile - not geographically confined

Mobile - no pollution - both zero net carbon (high potentiality for net negative carbon) and no eye-sore over cities (eventually populations could move onto such platforms granted certain modifications and improvements)

Mobile - not subject to local regional conflicts (as much)

Carbon Capture

Recycle roads into reforestation projects

Entwine plants onto the aforementioned orbiting platforms

Synergistic With

Asteroid-based mining - Amun 3554 is arguably worth $8 Trillion

Various civic, architectural, energy defense, national security, population rehabilitation, advanced city planning, and sustainability projects

Wind capture and recapture technologies

Potential breakthroughs in photosynthesis - blending machine and nature to increase solar output capture and general efficiency